The People's Republic Of Mancunia



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The People’s Republic of Mancunia
A Collection of Photography by Rik Jundi
photography / poetry
ISBN 978-1-9161479-8-0 | 74pp | 2020
New Title published 21 September 2020
rrp £12.00

The People’s Republic of Mancunia features 35 full-page colour images showcasing the interplay and connection of Manchester’s sights, sites and citizens. Each photograph is interpreted by an ekphrastic poem from the city’s leading wordsmiths.

Includes specially commissioned poetry from Neil Bell, Dominic Berry, Janine Booth, Marvin Cheeseman, Rose Condo, Cathy Crabb, Tony Curry, John Darwin, Rosie Fleeshman, Joy France, Dermot Glennon, Paul Jenkins, Gus Jonsson, Mad Aunty Kerry, Kieren King, A.K. McAllister, Sarah Miller, Dave Morgan, Melanie Neads, Henry Normal, Steve O’Connor, Anna Percy, Gerry Potter, Lucy Power, Sarah Pritchard, Alex Slater, copland smith, Mark Mace Smith, Rob Steventon, Laura Taylor, Stevie Turner, Dave Viney, Geneviève L. Walsh, Ben Willems and contributing editor Paul Neads.