The Man Who Launched a Thousand Poems, Volume One

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The Man Who Launched a Thousand Poems, Volume One
ISBN 978-1-7396231-8-0 | Hardback | 398pp | rrp £18.95 

“Trying times need poets. This book is a must.” Michael Rosen, poet & author

At the start of the coronavirus lockdown, Paul Cookson set out to write a poem a day – and kept on going.

Featuring his opening five hundred poems, Volume One is an authentic and poetic discourse on the mood of the nation, composed with compassion, humour, and adroit takes on the day to day of life throughout challenging times.

Illustrated by Martin Chatterton.

“A book that future historians will want to read; it will tell them what it was like to live in turbulent times through a poet’s eye.” Ian McMillan

“A modern take on Daniel Defoe’s A Journal of the Plague Year. Brilliant.” Paul Ross

“Manages to season cogent observations with a dash of humour that makes you want to dip in again and again.” Valerie Bloom MBE

“A poet for all seasons and all occasions.” Henry Normal

“Pithy blinders, heartfelt and moving, marvellously inventive and original.” Stewart Henderson