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Thick Richard (real name Clever Dick) has been stubbornly pursuing this ridiculous career path for much longer than you would believe. He has presented BBC Radio 6 Music's Beat of the Day, performed on BBC Radio 4, and gigged with Kae Tempest, John Hegley, Arthur Smith, The Fall, Jerry Sadowitz and (sort of) Dr John Cooper Clarke. He co-hosted spoken word franchise Bang Said the Gun's Manchester events during its run at The Dancehouse Theatre and his recent one-man show, Swear School (a crash course in everything you wanted to know about bad language - with puppets), toured nationally. His flamboyant use of profanity once saw the official Edinburgh Fringe radio station temporarily closed down and he has been kidnapped on two separate and unconnected occasions.


Thick Richard: People in Crack Houses Shouldn’t Throw Rocks
From Read ‘em and Weep, a poetic diatribe filled with acerbic humour and cynical, lyrical, well-crafted verse.
Published by Flapjack Press, October 2020. Available in paperback.


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