Geneviève L. Walsh

Facebook: genwalshpoet | Twitter: @genwalshpoet | YouTube: genlilywalsh

Geneviève L. Walsh is a sun-dodging poet, foul-mouthed queer feminist and Aldi Rosé Socialist who began performing in 2012. Walsh founded Halifax’s Spoken Weird in 2013, was a core member of A Firm of Poets until their 2017 swansong and has been a host/curator with Manchester’s Stirred Poetry collective since the same year. They released their first collection The Dance of a Thousand Losers with Flapjack Press in 2017, debuted and toured their one-person show A Place in the Shade two years later, and followed up with a second collection, Vitriol Works, in 2021.

Geneviève L. Walsh reads from Vitriol Works, her sublimely subversive poetry collection exploring social and sexual politics, identity and alienation.


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