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adult poetry
ISBN 978-1-8384703-1-9 | 118pp | 2022
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A unique poetry anthology about the neurodivergent experience by neurodivergent writers.

‘Neurodivergence’ is a variance in cognitive or neurological function from that considered ‘typical’ or ‘normal’. This collection provides a powerful and diverse representation, with positive, authentic and progressive portrayals. 

Featuring over fifty contributors from the UK and across the world, and eight specific sections with introductory notes about definitions, issues and societal perceptions, NeurodiVERSE is open to all who wish to learn about neurodiversity − and to all lovers of poetry.

Edited by Janine Booth, Kate Fox, Rob Steventon & Paul Neads.

NeurodiVERSE launch with Five Leaves Bookshop at the Nottingham Poetry Festival 2022.