Livid Among The Ghostings

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Livid Among the Ghostings
adult poetry
ISBN 978-0-9576639-0-9 | 68pp | 2013
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Love, loss, losing your mind...
Perceptive and affecting, intimate and accessible, Anna Percy's first full poetry collection is a passionate declaration featuring many of her prize and slam winning poems.

"An assured and potent exploration in blue of the littoral zones between city and country, love and leaving; the places where light and shadow lay bruised in each other’s arms." - Adam Horovitz, poet

"Adventurous and truthful in equal measure and by turns tender, angry, grief-stricken and joyful, sometimes within the turn of a line. These poems will move you and make you think." - Steven Waling, poet & reviewer

"A savage lyricality that lifts the beauty of brokenness and the brokenness of beauty to a transcendence of glorious primary colours." - Dan Holloway, Eight Cuts Gallery

"Full of warmth and insight and connection. This poet sings a deep sexy note, you feel it in your chest, where the heart lives." - John G. Hall, poet

Cover & illustrations by Sarah Peploe