Jumping Into A Waterfall

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Jumping into a Waterfall
adult poetry
ISBN 978-1-9161479-2-8 | 66pp | 2020
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From the seclusion of the Scottish isles to the urban vigour of Manchester to the lowlands of East Anglia, Anna Percy observes an ever-changing world wherein change is sometimes imperceptible. This passionate and enticing meditation of ecopoetry also explores modern feminism and its societal perception, whilst thematically embracing sensuality, mental health and wellbeing, love and loss.

Illustrated by Sarah Peploe.

"A vivid evocation of place and a celebration of life and the body. Her work suggests the oneness of self and environment; that separation is an illusion.” - Steve O’Connor, poet & educator

“A signature understanding of imagination and skill. I feel invited into a quiet place of crowds and their secrets, knowingly held and softly told.” - Gerry Potter, poet & playwright

“A fabulous, feminist fighter whose new collection takes you on a journey into self-exploration and change. A wonderful addition to her poetry legacy.” - Shirley May, poet & founding director of Young Identity

“Anna’s finest work to date. Raw as a fresh cut, yet finely crafted as a Grecian sculpture, this collection fills the void unfilled by every pithy self-help book and half-baked love song." - Geneviève L. Walsh, spoken word artist

“Anna Percy is a firework of a poet. This collection is as provocative as ever but warmer than usual … sometimes disturbing and exposing and at other times funny and warm – not always a comfortable read but highly recommended." - Judy Gordon, Write Out Loud