Li'l Book o' small Poems

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Gerry Potter’s Li'l Book o' small Poems
(or is it?)

adult poetry / play / LGBTQ+
ISBN 978-1-7396231-0-4 | 154pp | 2023
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“You’ll never live more life than wha’ I’m livin’ through right now…”

Join Gerry Potter on a voyage into social relativism and the domestic/fantastic in a punchy ‘n’ pithy, yet generously discursive, collection.
Contemplating both the ingrained and fleeting fears of a life enlightened through c-PTSD diagnosis, these are li’l poems addressing big issues.

Includes a Foreword by David Viney and the short play Sized Queens.
From the author of Planet Young, Bafta-winner Sophie Willan’s chosen book on BBC TV’s Between the Covers.

Li'l Book o' small Poems is the 'poetic precursor' to Gerry's autobiography, 6A Blackstock Gardens.

Cover by Brink.