Manchester Isn't The Greatest City In The World

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Manchester Isn't the Greatest City in the World
The Rise and Rise of The Bourgeois Zeitgeist
adult poetry, prose & plays / LGBTQ+
ISBN 978-1-9996707-4-0 | 294pp | 2018
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Part love letter to his adopted home city of Manchester, part critique of the arts and governing bodies (both specific and societal), Gerry's eighth collection of autobiographical, domestic/fantastic theatre-verse is a socio-political, hard-hittin' 'n' thought-provokin' collection of poetry, prose and plays.

Adhering to working-class and socialist principles, this polemic discourse on the rise and rise of The Bourgeois Zeitgeist challenges perceptions, misrepresentations and acceptance, acting as a rallying call for those seeking to confront privilege and injustice.

Manchester Isn't the Greatest City in the World includes 80 poems, 2 plays, a 20,000 word treatise on The Bourgeois Zeitgeist and the latest of the author's infamous Outroductions. Plus a Foreword by Caleb Everett.

Read an article by Gerry in The Guardian.

Cover design by Brink. Adapted from an idea by the author & Maria Barrett.