Li'l Book o' Manchester


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Chloe Poems's Li'l Book O' Manchester
adult poetry / LGBTQ+
ISBN 978-0-9932370-2-7 | 48pp | 2015
rrp £6.00 | ebook £4.00

Manchester's full of stories... tell-tale and multi.
In this bountiful collection of "first draft explosions" the infamous gingham diva rides the sound waves of Manchester, revealing the people and places which stir and shape her creative muse.

"Ever wondered what a night around Manchester with Chloe Poems as a tour guide would be like? Well, here it is, improvised and filled with the crackling energy that comes from trusting those initial sparks of inspiration." - conor a, Per Verse

"Chloe Poems is an inspiration. Heroic, poetic and honest." - Mike Garry, poet & author of Mancunian Meander

"At the end of the last century and over into this one, Chloe Poems held the poetry scene together in Manchester with her own lovely bare hands. She is simply one of the greatest live poets you will find." - Neil Bell, actor & sonic poet

First published in 2007 by Mucusart Publications.

Cover & illustrations by Brink.