First Rung - The Killing of Demons and Darlings



First Rung - The Killing of Demons and Darlings Edition
ISBN 978-1-7396231-6-6 | 178pp | 2024
rrp £15.00
Published 1st July 2024 and available to pre-order

Rope Ladder Fiction First Rung brings you the opportunity to experience the beautiful minds of fifteen storytellers, each of whom are taking their first step into the realm of creative writing. Narratives take shape in dynamic forms thanks to these exciting voices and their accompanying biographies, which are stories in themselves.

Also documented are the exercises designed by playwright, screenwriter and poet Cathy Crabb, which were used to guide these writers, and so that you can take your first step too – with a handy section for your creative notes.

We urge everyone encouraged about the joyful world of storytelling to embrace this provocation as an inclusive and accessible safe space to limitlessly explore.

Features new writing by Serena Lukes, Marcus Garland, Libby Hall, Tracy Scott, Dr Sumaira K. Naseem, Christopher Egan, Erykah Blackburn, Louise Croombs, Josh Dixon, Ada Eravarma, Jessica Fay and Umara Khan, plus three short stories from Noah Conway, Amelia Davies and Krishna Jensen, specially chosen by screenwriter Kat Rose-Martin.

"It's always great to hear new voices, and there are great new voices here. Electric, eclectic and essential." Tony Walsh

"By giving space to these dazzling new writers, Rope Ladder Fiction show us proof that there really is talent all around us." Sufiyaan Salam

"What's so exciting is the quality and individuality of these stories." Cherylee Houston

Edited by Joseph Morris, Cathy Crabb & Paul Neads.