6A Blackstock Gardens


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6A Blackstock Gardens
autobiography / LGBTQ+
ISBN 9781838470326 | 192pp | 2023
rrp £12.00 | ebook £6.99
New Title - Published 11 Sept 2023

“Memories were people too, y’know!”

Within the tenements of the notorious Scottie Road, amidst dockyards and back-kitchen sink dramas, the Butlers navigate Liverpool with stoic wit ‘n’ brio.

For Gerrid, the seventh son of a seventh child, born in the seventh month, and youngest to the matriarchal May, childhood is fuelled by observation and imagination. But it too-soon becomes clear that resilience must prove the most life-formative skill required to comprehend communal and familial, repetitive, grief…

The first autobiographical instalment from the author of Planet Young – as seen on BBC TV’s Between the Covers.

Li'l Book o' small Poems, Gerry's 'poetic precursor' to 6A Blackstock Gardens, is also available now.

“Deeply moving, evocative and magical. This inimitable Scouse voice has painted a picture of a bygone working-class era like no one else.” — Sophie Willan, actor & writer

“The miasma of a prodigious childhood recall was rarely better caught. As origin myths go, this one rings so very true.” — Roger Hill, broadcaster & writer

“Epitomises the security and challenges of growing up a working-class effeminate boy in the safety of a tenement community. A memoir but so much more; it is the beautifully written story of a family, a community, and a class.” — Dr Maria Barrett, University of Warwick

“A remarkable, touching testimony to working-class childhood and a family so flourishing on the page you’ll swear you lived next door with the kettle on standby.” — Caleb Everett, writer

“Once you have started reading you fall completely under its spell. The book is beautifully written; a love letter to Liverpool and a hymn to childhood innocence and family life remembered. A classic and I would urge you to read it … do yourself a favour and buy it, satisfaction guaranteed.” — Tony Flynn, Salford Media

Cover art & design by Paul Neads.