The Story Of The Dragon Who Hates Poetry

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The Story of the Dragon Who Hates Poetry
children's poetry & show adaptation, ages 5+
ISBN 978-0-9576639-7-8 | 58pp | 2015
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"There is no dragon scarier, no, not in any place.
His face looks like his bottom and his bottom like his face!"

Rick loves poetry. He thinks it's exciting, funny and imaginative. But all across the land poets are being silenced - by a dragon! How can Rick avoid being eaten and help save the village from this fiery fiend?

Dommy B's adventure for children over 5 is adapted from his high energy, poetry theatre show and includes puzzles and over 40 b&w illustrations.

Book #3 in the author's Dragon series.

"Dommy B is a well-respected name in live literature who has now turned his hand to, and mastered, the art of children's storytelling. The Dragon Who Hates Poetry will delight and enthral children everywhere. Read the book, join the fight to tame a dragon with words, and catch the show if you can!" - Liz O'Neill, CEO, Z-arts

Cover & illustrations by Brink.

Developed in association with Arts Council England, Z-arts & Big Imaginations.

A version of 'The Dragon Who Hates Poetry' was first published in Dommy B vs The Dragon Who Hates Poetry [Flapjack Press, 2012. Out of print.].