The Story Of Spark, The Goblin Wizard


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The Story of Spark, the Goblin Wizard
children's poetry & show adaptation, ages 5+
ISBN 978-0-9576639-2-3 | 60pp | 2014
rrp £7.00

"This furry beast excels at casting magic spells!"

Spark's magic can transform anything. He'll turn the bogeys up his nose into some pink ribbons and bows. He'll make a gorgeous high heeled shoe out of a pile of donkey poo... But terrible things have started to happen in his forest - wasps, werewolves, spells going disastrously wrong - calamities maybe not even Spark can stop.

Full of jammy burps and poems, mild goblin peril and plenty of pictures, The Story of Spark, the Goblin Wizard concludes with a chapter of puzzles and games.

Book #1 in the author's Dragon series.

"One of Manchester's most enthusiastic, energetic storytellers, whose passion for poetry is infectious ... reminding everyone that poetry can be an enormous bag of raucous fun!" - Helên Thomas, author of award-winning children's collection We Are Poets!

Cover & illustrations by Brink.

Developed in association with The Hamilton Project.