The Men Pomes


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The Men Pomes
Because Men Don't Say Poems
adult poetry & play / LGBTQ+
ISBN 978-0-9570141-0-7 | 144pp | 2011
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From the drug-induced surreal to the gutter-sparkle dirty real, Gerry's new collection of domestic/fantastic theatre-verse delves into all things male, exploring the camaraderie of brothers, the abandonment of fathers and the wit and wisdom of Scousers. It's a collision of bravado, humour and grief, as the man who lived as Chloe Poems for fifteen years unearths working-class men as you've never seen them before, finally coming to terms with his masculinity and the men who buttered and battered it into shape.

Gerry's third collection concludes with the remarkable theatre piece 'Bangs His Chest and Roars War at the Universe', a "celestial prequel" to his hit play, 'Miracle'.

Includes a Foreword by Steve Lyons. 

"Gerry Potter is a world-class performer at the height of his powers, delivering intelligent, humane and searching poetry that makes us all ask who we are and who we want to be." - Jo Bell, Director National Poetry Day

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