Selected Plays



Selected Plays
ISBN 978-1-8384703-7-1 | 198pp | 2024
rrp £12.00
New Title - Published 10:01:2024 

Celebrating twenty years of productions, acclaimed playwright Cathy Crabb has selected eleven of her works for staging.
Filled with humour and emotional resonance, these texts explore themes of family, trauma, neurodivergence, class and locality, and their experiential effect on the ordinariness of life and repercussions.

Includes the productions Beckett for Children, The Bubbler, Moving Pictures, Twirlies and Girlies, Paperboys, The Magi, Beautiful House, The Roots of Love, The Demon Dog of Waterhead, Breastfeeding, and Five Women: Rambling.

Selected Plays also includes character and background notes by the author and a Foreword by Producer & Writer Lindsay Williams.

“I recommend any aspiring writers to read this.” John Henshaw, Actor

“With an unfailing ear and eye, she brings real lives to the stage, in all their depth, delight, danger and daftness.” John McGrath, Factory International Artistic Director & Chief Executive

“One of my favourite places to be is in Cathy Crabb’s awesome imagination.” Sally Carman, Actor

“A play by Cathy Crabb is always a treat. An unflinching and bittersweet look at life, encompassing empathy, humour and truth.” Helen Nugent, Northern Soul Editor

“She writes with such skill and honesty about people and situations. The world needs to be full of Cathy Crabbs … her philosophy, her kindness and her love of life.” Noreen Kershaw, Director & Actor