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adult poetry
ISBN 978-0-9932370-8-9 | 64pp | 2016
rrp £8.00 | ebook £4.49

"What goes on in these four walls is none of their concern,
shut your mouth and keep it shut is what you need to learn..."

MUMB: a personal exploration of the dark side of motherhood and what it means to be a woman.

"To read MUMB is to sit at a rickety northern kitchen table with an old mate, as she shares the intimacies and heartaches of being a woman of a certain age, doing her best and sometimes failing; of striving, coping, suffering and surviving. While you scoff cinnamon buns and try to ignore the smell of the unemptied cat litter. It is a book full of love and honesty." - Julie Hesmondhalgh

"'Last Night's Tea' is good, strong and sweet." - John Hegley

"Cathy Crabb cuts through the Gordian knot and makes it get over itself with salty chips and a hug. Satisfyingly forthright, authentically working class and funny, you'll recognise chunks of human nature you didn't know you knew." - Jackie Hagan

"This wonderful collection of poetry is a generous and honest plateful of love. Cathy Crabb writes beautifully, feels deeply and is not afraid to share the darker sides of being a mother." - Janice Connolly AKA Mrs Barbara Nice

"Like its title this collection is intriguing - it's initially simple but says a lot! There's variety, plays on words, haiku, it's personal and universal, simple but deep. It's full of love - celebratory - and full of truth - disturbingly. "There's frost in every cardboard fold." There's warmth in every page turn. Although this collection is centred around motherhood, it is a must read for anyone who was ever a child! I own many poetry collections on my shelves. This one will be staying well within arms reach!" - Joy France

Review of MUMB at Write Out Loud.

Cover by Hazel Gibson.