How to Find Where You Belong



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How to Find Where You Belong
ISBN 9781739623128 | 84pp | 2023
rrp £10.00 | ebook £6.00
New Title Published 02 Oct 2023 

Twenty years since moving from Canada to the UK, critically-acclaimed and multi-award-winning poet Rose Condo considers the features, facets and philosophies for determining a sense of belonging.

This collection explores community, identity, personal growth and societal wellbeing through compassion, sharp political observation and finely honed humour. It is a love letter to home, wherever you might find it.

“Beautifully written and deeply inspiring. Rose takes you on her journey; a journey with elements that you too have walked or felt. A book of community, of love and friendship.” — Sharena Lee Satti

“The deft balance of touching sentiment and formal confidence makes these poems stand tall and demand attention – but so does the verve, the humour, the unbridled humanity of this work.” — Kevin P. Gilday

“Transitions from charm, warmth and humour to quietly devastating poignancy. Filled with wonderfully honest observations on the human experience, this book belongs on every bookshelf.” — Lisa O’Hare