After The Storm

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After the Storm
Poetry & Show Scripts
ISBN 978-1-9161479-5-9 | 134pp | 2020
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Rose’s innovative and inspirational debut collection contains the unabridged scripts of her three acclaimed poetry theatre shows: The Geography of Me, How to Starve an Artist and The Empathy Experiment.

Includes QR codes to access accompanying music by Eleonora Rosca, full colour artwork by Jen McDonald, and a Foreword by Tina Sederholm.

The Geography of Me: Touting a large suitcase and carting around her own red dot, Rose traces her travels through foreign and familiar lands. In a series of playful poems, she journeys through the hilarity and heartbreak of her travels. “A brave, lyrical and vivid evocation of displacement, memory, family and lost love. A bittersweet and inspiring work of art.” - Susan Burns, Chol Theatre

How to Starve an Artist: A series of poems and stories exploring ideas around creative nourishment which premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2016. Rose engages the reader in ideas about how to be more creatively nourished and invites them to reflect on feeding their own inner artists. Runner Up Best Spoken Word Show, Saboteur Awards 2017 “A beautiful exploration of nourishment - both nutritional and soulful … amazing, emotional poetry.” - Emma Whitehall, writer & poet

The Empathy Experiment: Could you survive for one day without your phone? Rose asks if empathy is facing extinction and whether smartphones are to blame. Embarking on her own ‘Day of No Mobile Phones’, she explores tech addiction and compassion using herself as the test subject ... but does her experiment work? Winner Best Spoken Word Show, Gtr Manchester Fringe Festival 2019 “One of the most interesting, informative, amusing and poignant pieces of theatre I've seen in a long time.” - Fringe Review

"A steadying reminder of compassion in a world tipped off its axis.” - Rosie Garland, poet & novelist

“Honest, unflinching, charming and deeply human poetry.” - Dominic Berry, Glastonbury Festival poet-in-residence

“Work that refuses to accept half-baked assumptions, choosing instead to dig with precision to the roots of the world’s ugliness.” - Geneviève L. Walsh, spoken word artist

“Dignity and strength underpin explorations of belonging, creativity and connection.” - Ciarán Hodgers, spoken word artist