Fighting Talk

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Fighting Talk
A COVID-19 Poetry Diary, Vol. 1

Adult Poetry
ISBN 978-1-8381185-0-1 | 146pp | 2020
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Composed throughout the initial phase of the UK’s coronavirus lockdown, ‘National Reading Hero’ Paul Cookson’s poetry diary covers the period of 23rd March to 3rd July 2020. Compassionate, societal, political and principled, and laced with the author’s renowned humour, here is an extraordinary collection for extraordinary times and a reflective discourse on the mood of a nation.

Illustrated by Chris Riddell OBE, political cartoonist for The Observer and former Children’s Laureate.

“Paul manages to season his cogent observations of COVID-19 with a dash of humour that makes you want to dip in again and again. He has you wishing you could drop in and join him for his daily cup of tea.” - Valerie Bloom

“Witty and wise, astute and acerbic, Paul Cookson and Chris Riddell are a dream team for these nightmarish times.” - Tony Walsh

“Paul Cookson is a poet for all seasons and all occasions. He’s never going to let a worldwide pandemic curb his creativity. COVID-19 will give up before he does. This book takes you on a Corolla-Coaster of emotions, but don’t worry – with Paul you are in safe and well washed hands.” - Henry Normal

Cover by Martin Chatterton.