The Dance Of A Thousand Losers


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The Dance of a Thousand Losers
adult poetry
ISBN 978-0-9955012-2-5 | 100pp | 2017
rrp £8.00 | ebook £5.00 

Geneviève L. Walsh's debut solo collection covers her first five years of performing her punk-song-length poetry about love, hatred, aggressive platitudes, sexual politics, alienation and inebriation.

Includes a Foreword by Henry Normal.

"A collection full of passion and subversion ... keen and urgent with an untamed beauty - like a puma caught under a streetlight. She chooses her language and targets with precision and infuses humour and fight in every verse." - Henry Normal, poet

"Rejecting the beige and embracing the dark, this collection is a lyrical and defiant hymn to vodka nights and concrete days. Shot through with nostalgia and the fear of losing fellow dancers to normality." - Kate Fox, Stand-up Poet

"A unique and passionately inclusive voice guides us with incredible skill and dexterity through everything that unites us: love, loss, and drunk conversations. This book is a brutally affectionate hug and a call to arms for all the losers, freaks, and feral lost souls of the world." - Steve Nash, Saboteur Awards Performer of the Year

"Sharp, dark, insightful, inciteful, Geneviève switches it up; lyrically rich imagery / word lust / street voice. From the Femme Banal to the Double Windsor noose, for hardcore losers everywhere. Buy it and "make yourself fucking lovely"." - Louise Fazackerley, Performance Poet

"A stunning collection from a unique voice. Poetic without ever being pretentious. Dive in and embrace your inner weirdo." - Kieren King, Cantankerous Word Git

"Her poems are like Geneviève herself... strong yet sensitive, clever yet accessible, dark yet resplendent with colour. A collection penned with acute observation and affection. A poetic celebration of 'otherness'." - Joy France, Afflecks Creative in Residence

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Cover photo by Kathy Walsh.