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adult poetry & show script / LGBTQ+
ISBN 978-0-9570141-1-4 | 128pp | 2011
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Dominic's heartfelt, honest and inspiring new collection of adult poetry confronts the ever present prejudices of society. Wizard concludes with the script for his debut poetry theatre show, in which he explores the true horror of a broken mental health system.

Includes a Foreword by Jo Warburton.

"Really very inspiring. I love the seriousness and the humour." - Benjamin Zephaniah, Poet

"Dominic is a committed and passionate artist [whose] poetry is at once poignant, personal, profound, and humorous." - Baba Israel, Artistic Director, Contact

"I am always impressed by his desire and determination to push beyond his comfort zone and write work that will challenge himself and his audience." - John McGrath, Artistic Director, National Theatre Wales

"Emotive, intelligent and raw... quite delicious and totally engaging." - Gwen Oakden, City Life

Cover photo by Ian Wallis, design & illustrations by Brink.

Developed in association with Arts Council England and Contact Theatre