We Are Poets!


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We Are Poets!
children's poetry, ages 5+
ISBN 978-0-9555092-0-9 | 52pp | 2008
rrp £5.99 | ebook £4.00

WINNER Book of the Month Award, The Poetry Kit, June 2008

We Are Poets! is Helên's sparkling collection for younger readers. It features a selection of children's poems, ranging from the floor filling anthemic action poem 'Everybody Everywhere Stomp Your Feet!' to the calming, chill-out poetry of 'Memory Beach'.

The book showcases a variety of poetic styles including narrative verse, limericks, rap, and there's even a villanelle in there!

The poems introduce a wide range of fantastic characters including rock-star silk worms, obese fruit bats, myopic professors and lots of naughty, grubby, scabby children.

"Playing with structure and form she produces magical poetry which shows how relevant poetry can be. It's fun, it's amazing, it's Helên on top form. Great illustrations... This is a collection that should be in every school library." - Jim Bennett, The Poetry Kit

"I love your poems so much, I think you deserve a treat." - Yr 1 pupil at Holy Spirit Primary School, Merseyside

"A lively, lovely and very funny collection of children's verse in the spirit of Edward Lear and Roald Dahl." - Arthur Chappell, poet & reviewer

"Year 4 haven't stopped writing poetry since!" - Yr 4 teacher at St. Oswald's School, Netherton

Cover & illustrations by Brink.