The Wisdom Of The Jumble Sale


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The Wisdom of the Jumble Sale
adult poetry / LGBTQ+
ISBN 978-0-9555092-4-7 | 80pp | 2009
rrp £6.50 | ebook £4.00

Pull aside a jam-stained coat or a frilly nightgown in the dark and dazzling jumble and enter a secret, magical world of drunken carebears and narky buses; a world where wisdom is biro'd on the back of everyone's hand, where clowns eat spam, sugar and lard butties, and where if you stand outside Netto for long enough a rocketship will come and fly you away.
Come in and meet Cat Diazepam, Bobby Bookshop, Veronica Pop, Mr Pinstripe and their friends and find out who brought Bambi's mum back to life, in Jackie's incredible collection of contemporary adult folklore.

"Amazing. A force for poetry." - Jo Bell, Director National Poetry Day

"Vivid and insightful." - City Life

"Language that leaps with bold panache, sparking sensuous worlds into being." - Lucy Lepchani, poet

Cover & illustrations by Brink.