Speaking in Tongues

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Speaking in Tongues
adult poetry
ISBN 978-1-8381185-9-4 | 90pp | 2021
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Laura’s third collection with Flapjack Press is a rallying call for action and challenges inequality, oppression and division with passion, objectivity, empathy and humour. It explores the slippery and inconclusive condition of language, the power of ideology, and the process of myth-making.

This is politically astute, socially conscious and uncompromising poetry which addresses the wellbeing of a diverse nation governed by a political and social elite and their culpability.

“This is Taylor at her best. Her energy, anger and passion are apparent in every word. Her writing is urgent, powerful and her punches land. A must-have collection. Buy this book.” Emma Purshouse, Poet Laureate for Wolverhampton

“Poems to have a beer with, to sit round a fire and keep warm with, to rage against the system with, to take to the streets with.” Steph Pike, poet & activist

“Tongues of fire in a time of plague. Raging against conspiracy theorists, defending the vulnerable, the homeless, the old, the hardest hit in the worst of times. A supremely clever working-class poet.” Attila the Stockbroker, poet & musician

“If there was an equivalent of Masterchef for cooking words into exquisitely tasty and surprising dishes, then Taylor would win it. Hot. Flavourful. Authentic. Instant pleasure with a long, lingering aftertaste.” Janine Booth, poet & writer

“At times forceful, at others lyrical … crosses from personal to political and cross-examines who we were and who we have become.” Winston Plowes, poet

“This is Taylor’s best yet. Her language is lush and confident, and her range is limitless … wise, honest, funny, angry, mature and assured. This book is the tonic we all need.” Cathy Thomas-Bryant, poet & writer

“Page by page she helps us dismantle our self-built walls of disconnection by tugging gently but firmly at our security blankets until she frees us completely from the confines of our mental isolation. The emotional impact of the poetry is ambitious in its stunning imagery and passionate with its delivery. Speaking in Tongues aims straight for the heart of the matter and does not miss. 10/10!” Cherry Scott, poet

“In the cauldron heated by Brexit and Covid, Laura Taylor rakes the coals and forges poems as only a wordsmith at her height can do. Her work is broad, it’s deep — it is as sharp as ever.” Peter Jones, poet & writer

Greg Freeman reviews Speaking in Tongues for Write Out Loud.

Cover photo by Neil McCartney.