Songs of Submission

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Songs of Submission
adult poetry
ISBN 978-1-8384703-8-8 | 58pp | 2022
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“Amateurs aim at beauty and colour
but the pros aim for the market.”

James Hartnell is a poet. This is not what he does, this is just who he is.
These are not simply songs of submission, they are beautiful songs to submit to.

“A superb collection. There are elements of passion, anger and humour. A book to be read again and again, giving rewards and new insights every time.” - Paul Blackburn

“Hartnell balances nature poems, rooted in specific places and rich in arresting imagery, with ones that directly address wider themes. He explores feelings of submission and acceptance, but more sombre reflections are lifted by a pervasive tenderness and compassion.” - Helen Kay

“Hums with a quiet energy that repeatedly draws us back to the reality that we’re here for a brief journey. We need to savour the moment.” - Dave Morgan

“An elegant, funny, lyrical collection in which all things play a part, both significantly and insignificantly.” - Harvey Vasey

“Hartnell has always had a sharp eye for the landscape of nature, love and the absurdities of life. It’s an intelligent eye, not just a maker of memorable images, but one that remembers it’s an outgrowth of the brain, and can think and reflect. This is a collection to savour.” - Rod Riesco

“Some of the poems will make you smile … others will sadden. All will make you ponder and all you will enjoy!” - Kathryn Brown

Cover image by Rachel Loughman on Unsplash.