Selected Moments Of Machine Life

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Selected moments of machine life
a collection of poems and paintings
adult poetry
ISBN 978-0-9955012-8-7 | 72pp | 2018
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It's no coincidence that Pete Ramskill is also a stone carver, he brings the same tools to his poetry - a hammer and chisel...

"There are many things I love about this work. Pete's stanley-knife sense of humour, his intelligence, invention, precision, quality control and his radar for those lies, injustices and petty sins that he cannot bring himself to see swept under the carpet. I love his use of language, his original images, his exposure of those everyday social earthquakes and especially those bits people think they've got past him but he reveals they haven't." - Henry Normal

On his poetry:
"Why are you so angry?" - Audience member at BBC recording, Edinburgh

On his paintings:
"Strong images whose resonating bands of colour reveal and mask each other - much like our emotions." - Richard Sharland, Terre Verte Gallery

"Pete's paintings are a vibrant celebration of energy and form. His extraordinary use of colour fills each picture with life, creating unique immersive worlds that pull you in."- Richard Barrett, Artist

Cover and illustrations by the author.