Poetic Off Licence

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Poetic Off Licence
adult poetry
ISBN 978-0-9932370-0-3 | 106pp | Revised Edition 2015
rrp £10.00 | ebook £6.00

Entertainment with the emphasis on "tert".

Since running away from home at the age of 28, award winning writer Hovis Presley (the award wasn't for writing) has found fame as the inventor of the bra-less strap and the individually wrapped baked bean. His interests include postal kerplunk and choosing the eight sandwiches he'd take to a desert island - currently seven cheese and an egg mayonnaise. He has produced this book using only a pin and a dictionary.

"The other day I met Hovis Presley, a fine poet and a true gentleman. So I had a drink with all three of them." - John Cooper Clarke

"A slice of Real Loaf." - John Hegley

"Never stops being funny." - The Guardian

Cover by Sally, illustrations by Bazil.

First published as Poetic Off Licence Holiday Annual [d2 Digital by Design Ltd, 1997].
Re-issued in the original format as Poetic Off Licence Bumper Edition, with the author's amendments and some additional material [d2 Digital by Design Ltd, 2005].
Each loosely based on Poetic Off Licence and Other Likely Stories [Billy Scorey Press, 1993].