Not What We Were Expecting



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Not What We Were Expecting
adult poetry
ISBN 978-1-7396231-7-3 | 122pp | 2024
rrp £10.00 | ebook £6.49
New Title Published 12 June 2024

A debut collection of poetic snapshots written between 1986 and 2024.

“All the wit you’d expect and yearn for but with a really surprising and delicious sensitivity.” Dame Joanna Lumley

“Alistair's sense of fun we know but the tenderness of his poetry adds new depths to our understanding of the man and his work.” Henry Normal

“Alistair is famously a man of many voices but this collection of poems introduces a new one – his own; a subtle, observant, wry, sometimes funny, sometimes melancholy voice. The poems are verbally adroit, often witty, revealing a considered view of the world, skewering the passing moment, holding it up for examination, but with an undertow of great feeling. Masterly.” Simon Callow

“Funny, moving, and with a real depth of feeling.” Mary Killen, The Spectator

“You don’t get to be a great impressionist without a feel for rhythm and rhyme and pitch and the particular language your victims use. So it is no surprise that writing verse comes as naturally to Alistair as pretending to be Boris Johnson. These are terrific, truthful poems.” Sir Richard Stilgoe

“Sometimes just funny, then melancholic, occasionally beautifully profound, often soulful, now and then amusingly imitative, always insightful and well observed, this is a collection of poems that offers such varied delights.” Franny Moyle