Making Other Plans



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Making Other Plans
adult poetry
ISBN 978-1-7396231-4-2 | 94pp | 2023
rrp £10.00 | ebook £6.00
New Title - Published 24 August 2023

Nigel Planer has been writing poetry for over fifty years. Now he has corralled many of his poems into one volume, Making Other Plans – as in ‘poetry is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.’

This collection forms a poetic memoir, richly articulating humorous and serious observations on life, love, ageing, society and the human condition, recounted with emotional tenderness and warranted vexation.

“A unique piece of poetic time travel, like a journey upstream to find the source of a river. Frequently funny, sometimes alarming, always honest and constantly surprising.” — Tim Firth

“Nigel's poetry is like the man himself – intelligent, inventive and always engaging.” — Henry Normal

“Planer's poetry is marked by a true emotional tenderness; he effortlessly weaves together profound insights into the journey of his life with his quick wit, allowing us to briefly press pause on the inexorable master plan where we can, with him, begin to examine our own lives.” — Shobna Gulati

Cover art: ‘Wedding Banner’ by Anna Barrass. Photography by Harvey Planer.