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adult poetry
ISBN 978-1-9996707-6-4 | 72pp | 2019
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Celebrate the human experience with this defiantly hopeful collection offering lifelines of creativity and compassion for those of us who've taken more than our unfair share of beatings.

"These are painful and beautiful poems, worn on the sleeve and inked with care and precision. Unwrap their clingfilm, they will speak to the sunshine of rain." - Tony Walsh AKA Longfella, poet & educator

"A celebration of the human existence in its smallest observations. Women in this collection have inner lives more vast and important than their outer appearance." - Anna Percy, poet & Stirred Feminist Collective

"From urban grits of scuffling cityscapes to fully-flown romances of human experience, Steve's poetry simply/complexly soars." - Gerry Potter, poet, playwright, director & actor

"He documents our times better than anyone, but what he actually does is to document life, existence and feeling, with intensity, insight, and flashes of panache." - Cathy Thomas-Bryant, Puppywolf

"Sensitive but secure in outlook, these poems reveal a mature yet subtle vibrancy. Their economy of scale disguises their scope and concision." - Robert Cochrane, The Bad Press

Includes a Foreword by Geneviève L. Walsh.

Cover photo by Vicky Hindle, design by Brink.