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children's prose & show adaptation, ages 8+
ISBN 978-0-9955012-3-2 | 180pp | 2017
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A curse has been imposed on the land of Chromatia by The Shadowfolk: all colours, apart from black and white, have been taken from the world. Frustrated by the curse and the wall surrounding their home in Monotown, two children, Talia and Aaron, agree to go on a dangerous adventure - a fantastic quest to solve the riddle of The Puzzlestone, unravel the mystery of the three circles, recover the stolen Heartstone, and bring back colour to their world...

A story for all the family to share. Suitable to be read from age 8 and perfect to read to younger children.

Best Family Show Award Winner, Greater Manchester Fringe Festival 2017.

"Fans of Lord of the Rings and Labyrinth will enjoy this excellent story. Pitched perfectly for the family ... Colourquest is an engaging tale for kids of all ages" - Salford Star

Cover art & illustrations by the author.