A Poet Called Dave


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A Poet Called Dave
adult poetry & play
ISBN 978-0-9576639-8-5 | 132pp | 2015
rrp £10.00 | ebook £5.00

In his first solo collection, a poet called Dave gives his unique insight into a background that rarely pushes poets to the foreground. Exploring the legend of angry dads, the fragility of 'lad's lads' and the condition that threatened his future as a performer, these are poems that turn life on its head to see what falls out of its pockets.

A funny, unflinching and heartfelt journey from the streets of Stretford to a stage near you, this is what happens when two very different worlds collide.

Bonus features: Play - 'Rusholme Roulette'; Song - 'Hard (Time)'.

Includes a Foreword by Jackie Hagan.

"Poignancy without pretension, scalpel sharp insight. Viney's observations on class and culture are deft, powerful and most importantly bull's-eye accurate." - Byron Vincent, poet & playwright

"An extremely talented poet, both on stage and the page, and (almost as important) he's a top bloke." - Marvin Cheeseman, poet

"One of the authentic voices of Manchester, a man who can be funny, sincere and compassionate in one fell swoop." - Jo Bell, former Director National Poetry Day

"At first I thought he was going to try and steal my handbag, but instead he stole our hearts! And my handbag." - Thick Richard, professional gobshite

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