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Tony Curry [AKA Tony Sheppard]:
John Darwin: @DarwinPoet
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Rosie Garland [AKA Rosie Lugosi]:
Dermot Glennon:
Jackie Hagan:
Kieren King:
Ben Mellor:
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Helên Thomas:
Dave Viney:
Geneviève L. Walsh:
Tony Walsh [AKA Longfella]:
Working Verse Collective [Kieren King, Dave Viney & Benny-jo Zahl]:

Cover Artists
Brink - The Anthology of Tomorrow, The Big J vs The Big C, Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Dinosaurs!, The Dragon Who Hates Poetry, When Trolls Try to Eat Your Goldfish, Spark the Goblin Wizard, I Meet Myself Returning, Manchester Isn't the Greatest City in the World, Accidental Splendour of the Splash, extraño, The Story Chair, Beside the See-Side, Chuang Tse's Caterpillar, I Can Draw My Alphabet, The Wisdom of the Jumble Sale & We Are Poets!
Johnny Carroll-Pell - The Escape Plan, Strikingly Invisible, This Phantom Breath, Swallowing the Entire Ocean, Raining Upwards, Staring Directly at the Eclipse & Art By Johnny
Hazel Gibson - MUMB
Dermot Glennon - Anthems and Album Tracks
KrikSix - Anthropoetry & Light Made Solid
A. K. McAllister - Colourquest
Sarah Peploe - Livid Among the Ghostings
Hebe Phillips - Lustful Feminist Killjoys
Steph Pike - Pétroluese
Pete Ramskill - Selected moments of machine life
Sally - Poetic Off Licence
Rod Tame - Strange World Odd Person

Bazil - Poetic Off Licence
Brink - I Can Draw My Alphabet, Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Dinosaurs!, The Dragon Who Hates Poetry, When Trolls Try to Eat Your Goldfish, Spark the Goblin Wizard, Strange World Odd Person, The Anthology of Tomorrow, The Prequel to the Sequel, Tall Tales for Tall Men, Some People Have Too Many Legs, The Wisdom of the Jumble Sale, We Are Poets!, Tomorrow, I Will Go Dancing, Wizard & A Poet Called Dave
Matthew Duffy - Vaudavillain
A. K. McAllister - Colourquest
Sarah Peploe - Livid Among the Ghostings
Martin 'Visceral' Stannage - The Noble Savage & Tall Tales for Tall Men

Lee Baxter - Fifty, Some People Have Too Many Legs covers
Brink - No Tigers cover & Selkie Singing at the Passing Place back cover
Martin Christie - Art By Johnny cover & inners
Johnathan Clover - Some People Have Too Many Legs cover
Louise Coulson - Dave Morgan photo
Richard Davies - The Department of Lost Wishes cover
Virginia Hansell DeRosa - On Euclid Ave cover
Vicky Hindle - extraño cover & Steve O'Connor photo
Sarah Ellis - Anna Percy & Melanie Rees photos
Holly Fairclough - Things I Did While I Was Dead cover
Joy France - Sarah Miller photo
Steve Gaskin - Rod Tame photo
Carl Gibson - Cathy Crabb photos
Idios. - Rosie Garland photo
Rik Jundi - Tall Tales for Tall Men cover & inners
Roshana Rubin Mayhew - J. Fergus Evans photo
Nathan McDowell - Vaudavillain cover
Natansky - The Big J vs The Big C photos
Rich Pictures - Kaleidoscope cover
Melanie Rees - Selkie Singing at the Passing Place cover
Darren Reynolds - The Prequel to the Sequel cover
Denise Roberts - John Darwin photo
Sally - Hovis Presley photo
Sam Ryley - Ben Mellor photo
Shaun Sutton - Planet Middle Age cover
Ian Wallis - Tomorrow, I Will Go Dancing & Wizard covers
Kathy Walsh - The Dance of a Thousand Losers author photo & cover

CD Production
Vicky Batrak for Jackie Hagan
Disc WizardsAdam Menczykowski & Dan Steele for Ben Mellor

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