Chapter 2: First Attack of the Dinosaurs [excerpt]
from The Story of- Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Dinosaurs!
© Dommy B, 2016

When mighty, roaring dinosaurs
destroy the town with stomping claws
they shatter windows, roofs and floors
and make a gruesome noise.
They crush the buildings' walls and doors
as if they were just toys!

When Scarlet sees them, her jaw drops.
A terrible triceratops
is tearing up their homes and shops.
The people scream in fear,
"What if this monster never stops?"
"Why has this thing come here?"

From out the rubble leaps a raptor,
grabbing Scarlet's arm! It's trapped her!
Could this be her final chapter?
How can she get free?
Scarlet firmly asks her captor,
"Please, let go of me!"...