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issues, experiences and poems in the battle against breast cancer
Janine Booth

The Big J vs The Big C by Janine Booth

Published 2nd September 2019

"I picked up this book expecting to be educated, entertained and amused. I was also hoping to pick up some information that would help me offer support to those in my life who are affected by cancer. I put it down having ticked all of those boxes. It's [also] reminded me that the NHS is quite literally the best thing there is in the entire world." - Kate Smurthwaite, comedian, writer & political activist

Janine Booth is a Marxist, trade unionist, socialist-feminist, supporter of Workers' Liberty, aspie, bi, author and poet. As 'The Big J', she was part of the ranting poetry movement in the 1980s, taking up the muse again in 2014. Active in the RMT trade union, having previously represented its London Transport members on the union's National Executive, Janine is Chair of the union's Disabled Members' Advisory Committee, a member of the TUC Disabled Workers' Committee and a former member of the ETF Women's Committee. She particularly works on the issue of autism and neurodiversity, including running training and giving presentations to trade unionists about Autism and Neurodiversity in the Workplace.