Cathy Crabb is an award-winning playwright who has written extensively for the stage, including the plays 'Beautiful House', 'Moving Pictures', 'Something Right' and 'Beyond the 4th Wall'. Her critically acclaimed play 'The Bubbler' toured in 2014 and 'Dreamers', a musical co-written with Lindsay Williams and music by Carol Donaldson, premiered at Oldham Coliseum in 2015. She is currently writing the play 'Rumba Bar' with Punam Ramchurn and her second musical with Lindsay Williams and Carol Donaldson for Oldham Coliseum, 'Meat Pie, Sausage Roll' debuted in March 2017. Cathy's poetry features on sculptures by Emma Hunter at the former site of Elk Mill in Chadderton. She lives in nearby Saddleworth with her husband, the photographer Carl Gibson, and has three children, Bobby, Lawrence and Hazel.

Mumb by Cathy Crabb
adult poetry
ISBN 978-0-9932370-8-9 | 64pp | 2016
rrp £8.00 | ebook £5.99


"What goes on in these four walls is none of their concern,
shut your mouth and keep it shut is what you need to learn..."

MUMB: a personal exploration of the dark side of motherhood and what it means to be a woman.

"To read MUMB is to sit at a rickety northern kitchen table with an old mate, as she shares the intimacies and heartaches of being a woman of a certain age, doing her best and sometimes failing; of striving, coping, suffering and surviving. While you scoff cinnamon buns and try to ignore the smell of the unemptied cat litter. It is a book full of love and honesty." - Julie Hesmondhalgh

"'Last Night's Tea' is good, strong and sweet." - John Hegley

"Cathy Crabb cuts through the Gordian knot and makes it get over itself with salty chips and a hug. Satisfyingly forthright, authentically working class and funny, you'll recognise chunks of human nature you didn't know you knew." - Jackie Hagan

"This wonderful collection of poetry is a generous and honest plateful of love. Cathy Crabb writes beautifully, feels deeply and is not afraid to share the darker sides of being a mother." - Janice Connolly AKA Mrs Barbara Nice

"Like its title this collection is intriguing - it's initially simple but says a lot! There's variety, plays on words, haiku, it's personal and universal, simple but deep. It's full of love - celebratory - and full of truth - disturbingly. "There's frost in every cardboard fold." There's warmth in every page turn. Although this collection is centred around motherhood, it is a must read for anyone who was ever a child! I own many poetry collections on my shelves. This one will be staying well within arms reach!" - Joy France

Laura Taylor reviews MUMB at Write Out Loud.

Cover by Hazel Gibson.

Beside the See-side by Cathy Crabb
Beside the See-Side
adult poetry
ISBN 978-0-9576639-6-1 | 66pp | 2014
rrp £7.50 | ebook £4.99


Critically acclaimed playwright Cathy Crabb brings her expert imagination, wit and lucidity to the page in her first poetry collection.
Whether dealing with invasive mind spam, brain worms or family, contemplating loss, the inevitability of change or having the odd drink, the corner of her mind's eye is right in front of you.

Includes a Foreword by John Henshaw.

"What I admire is a writer who constantly seeks to question, to pull apart, to discover and share. Cathy Crabb is the ultimate example of the seeker. God bless 'er!" - Tony Curry, poet, playwright & workshop facilitator

"Cathy's poetry is playful and sincere. She finds magic in the humdrum, hope in the heart and nails life every time." - Matt Panesh AKA Monkey Poet, writer, performer, producer & director

"Few playwrights journey me into their plots and characters, fewer poets stop me in my tracks. Every nuance of Cathy's work is a tread 'n' footstep on the crazy paving of my heart 'n' history. Her work makes me feel I'm in there too, being told and being part of it - the hallmark of the finest storytellers." - Gerry Potter, poet, playwright, actor & director

"From the most private of moments to the most public of places, Cathy Crabb swishes her tales like a born storyteller. Funny and tender, raw and real, her poetry is a revelation." - Tony Walsh AKA Longfella, Glastonbury Festival Poet in Residence 2011

"Glorious, deadpan, feeds you wisdom like your mam used to feed you day-glo food in the eighties. Cathy Crabb is like a mix between Caroline Aherne, Spike Milligan and chips." - Jackie Hagan, writer, performer & facilitator

Cathy's 'But Alas We Never Do', performed by Darren Scott & directed by Sean Kelly.

Cover by Brink.

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