a semaphore exploding mind-flow 
open mic poetry & spoken word hosted by Tony Curry 

Next event: 
Thursday 1st June at 
Manchester Central Library 
St Peter's Square, Manchester M2 5PD 
6pm - 8pm [doors open 5.30pm], free entry

All the open mic slots are now filled. To book your place on the reserve list please email mail@flapjackpress.co.uk 
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Upcoming events:
Thurs 1st June

Previous guests:
May 2017 (Withington Library Special): Ciarán Hodgers
May 2017: Geneviève L. Walsh
April 2017: Dave Morgan & The Green Door Ensemble
March 2017: Cathy Crabb
February 2017: Rebecca Audra Smith & Anna Percy
January 2017: Gerry Potter
December 2016: Dave Viney
November 2016: Dr Dermot Glennon
October 2016: Sarah Miller & Melanie Rees
September 2016: Marvin Cheeseman
August 2016: Laura Taylor
July 2016: Steph Pike

Ciarán HodgersGeneviève L. WalshThe_Green_Door_EnsembleCathy CrabbRebecca Audra SmithAnna PercyGerry PotterDave VineyDr Dermot GlennonSarah MillerMelanie ReesMarvin CheesemanLaura TaylorSteph PikeTony Curry

[L to R: Ciarán Hodgers; Geneviève L. Walsh; Dave Morgan &The Green Door Ensemble; Cathy Crabb; Becca Audra Smith; Anna Percy; Gerry Potter; Dave Viney; Dermot Glennon; Sarah Miller; Melanie Rees; Marvin Cheeseman; Laura Taylor; Steph Pike; Tony Curry.]

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