Drunks And The Ghosts
from Planet Young
© Gerry Potter, 2009

There's a full moon somewhere with my name on it like
"I Love Lucy"
Only butch.
Shining in puddles bewitching like an ecstasy tablet,
A scene from Hobson's Choice.
A befuddled metaphor hollering nonsense,
A ventriloquist doll finding its voice.
And man I can sing
Matt Monroe meets Oasis,
A trippy shade of a thousand wonder wails.
All dummies can sing after their seventh Guinness,
Born free dance
Twisting with a thousand imponderables
And an infinite capacity to rejoice.
And I almost always find it here
Amongst the neon and cobbles
And it almost always feels
Like yesterday.
And I've searched the library of my history,
That well-thumbed maze of truth and lies.
I asked the actors and dancers to mime it for me.
I've sought the stupid, stalked the wise.
I asked the socialists who turned their back on me
To soldier through shoulder to shoulder
But money took them over too,
What possessed them, I wonder.
And it seems wandering is all I've done,
I've walked the length and breadth of this land,
Danced when I should've sat down
Encountered danger
Animated the bland.
Slurred a million poems I can't remember
In ears too full of disco to hear.
Something about transcending gender
Something about pride and queer.
And I asked the gays to build it for me,
Of course I'll help lay foundations,
But God's honest truth it's just a fairy story
So I'm left with these lamentations.
It's like pick 'n' mix with no choices in a sweetshop
Made from science fiction
And an alien's selling community
Like a priest sells crucifixion,
And I want it
I need unity
Like capitalism needs addiction.
And I'll keep searching,
Go where no man has gone before,
Lurching into dangers I sometimes can't control.
And I'll keep digging
Indefatigably digging
Even if it's an undiggable hole.
And I'll be brave enough to be frightened,
Hear you call it denial
And I'll make the rough enlightened
Diamonds for a while.
I'll point to the moon so they can see past the fight
And tell them to remember
Nostalgia's gonna start tonight
Nostalgia's gonna start toooo...
Good times and wisdom mixin'
At least until the hangover kicks in.
And I almost always find my way using these almost seen Signposts
And they almost always seem to point to the
Drunks and the ghosts.