Heaven Sent
from Tall Tales For Tall Men Who Fall Well Short
© Tony Curry, 2012

The love is torn and left apart
The plain gentleman is picking his heart
The singer stands up and says to the crowd
'Wow foks, listen; this is going to be loud,
It will blow you away in so many ways,
It will tear at your insides and just have them away.'

The drum beats and the pretty girl swirls
The boy fingers his pint and admires her curls
The beat boxer comes in next with a thud
And the bespectacled student mouths out the words
As only he should

'Stay calm, stay very, very calm,' says the singer
'You're going on a journey with just the one, winner.
The next 20 minutes will remind you about life,
It will pull at your heart strings and remind you of strife;
That strife that beats in all of us and holds us apart,
The strife that will blacken even the best baked tart.
So give me a one, a one, a one two three four!'
And he's off with this energy promising so much more
Building rhythms to lift you far far far away
To take all that strife and hurt you feel today

Of tempestuous youths cut down in their prime
Of lambs and slaughter and old father time
Of blood guts and semen
Tabloid tales with no reason
Sad reflective tales with no spite
Upbeat rhythms that return you to a teat
The blood circles the throb enriches
And there she grasps his hand and his in stitches
Wanting to open up and to reveal all
Then the singer stands a man so tall

'Can you feel it, sonny Jim?'
And he stares straight at him through the din
'Can you feel connected, are you high?'
And the boy throws his arms up in the sky
And shouts 'I can hear it brother,
I can feel it sister, mother,
I can feel all that energy and hurt,
I can feel the path amongst the dirt,
I can see the moonbeams,
I can see those rhythms and teams
Of men takin'; me down to the river
To cleanse my soul because I am that sinner.'

'Good boy,' retorts the singer
'You're with the earth, you're a winner!'
And the boy encircles and wraps his fingers
Around her waist and feels that tingling
A smile plays out on his face
A smile of redemption and grace
'God bless your soul,'
Whispers the singer to the crowd
And the beat boxer echoes the rhythms and descends
To once more primeval beats
And the boy's body starts to bend

Now in slow motion
He dives deep deep deep deep deep deep deep
Into that ocean and she's warm
And smells so sweet
And those lips are his and his treat
His mouth descends
And plop! he's got the bends
And spent he collapses on the floor
'Silence, folks,' says the singer
'I do believe he's found salvation
Tonight folks, welcome to this new nation;
A nation built upon love, life and light,
A nation turned back from darkness and blight,
And this poor boy upon the floor
Is the first for all of us, to die he'll open the door.'

The boy awakes to moonbeams
Fairies' glitter and some black exotic knicker
He's been kicked in
Well spent
But it's fine

It's heaven sent