from Beside the See-Side
© Cathy Crabb, 2014

People who have a cushion with a hand sewn folk art owl on
will at some point draw a moustache on their finger.
They will place that finger under their nose and pose
for a photograph.
The members of the BNP will not study philosophy;
since they are given the label ‘the far right’
they assume they have all the answers.
Whether you cut carrots into batons or slice them plain
they taste the same.
About ten years ago
when women reclaimed that they were attracted to Tom Jones,
they were lying.
They thought it was the ultimate show of heterosexuality.
Most people who regularly buy illegal drugs
have strong views on the morality and dangers of anti-depressants.
They prefer mental and physical pain relief
to be organic, locally sourced
and spritzed into maturity by a small Thai child in an airing cupboard.
The K*** C*** and C**** O* slogan
is invasive mind spam.
Avoid reading any posters or coasters bearing the code
and any quirky derivatives - wry or otherwise.
A side-effect to overexposure
is a brain worm that chews off your reasoning,
rendering you judgmental and philosophical
with an urge to impart malformed wisdom
in the guise of poetry.