Working Verse Collective are poets Kieren King, Dave Viney and Benny-jo Zahl, hosts of Bang Said the Gun: Manchester. The Prequel to the Sequel includes 'Amateur Thematics', their acclaimed poetry theatre piece which premiered at The Lowry theatre in 2012. Their follow-up, 'Writer's Retweet', debuted at the same venue in 2013.

Working Verse Collective: The Prequel to the Sequel
The Prequel to the Sequel
adult poetry & show script
ISBN 978-0-9570141-5-2 | 112pp | 2012
rrp £7.50 | ebook £4.99

Flapjack Press
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Working Verse Collective are three lads on a mission and their mission statement is this: Eloquence is fine. But "eloquence is irrelevant when nobody in the room knows what you meant..."
Join Dave, Kieren and Benny-jo as they expertly weave humour, insight and the unexpected throughout their quest to discover if they have "The Right Stuff" - and what that actually is and if they want it anyway.
It may well be one small step for man, but it's One Giant Leap for Ladkind.

Includes a Foreword by Dominic Berry. 


"They're honest and mischievous, insightful and daft, accessible and poetic and well worth seeing." - Jackie Hagan, poet & comedian

"Unique and refreshing." - Joy France, Write Out Loud

"The boys have given Manchester's poetry scene a much needed shot in the arm." - Gerry Potter, poet & playwright

"Working Verse are three men who love football, music, pubs, clubs and poems... To read this book is to take a trip through the lives of lads who are not your typical poetic voices." - Dominic Berry, poet & director

Kieren performing 'Whatever Happened to the Heroes?' at Manchester Book Market organised by Literature Northwest.

Benny-jo performing 'Something's Missing' at Evidently, Salford.

Cover photo by Darren Reynolds, design & illustrations by Brink.

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