Geneviève is a Yorkshire-based poet and the founder and co-host of Spoken Weird, Halifax's monthly open mic, and its LGBTQ+ sister night, Spoken Queered. After co-creating Stirred's Invisible Disabilities Slam in 2017, she became a core member of their Manchester collective. She has also performed as a member of nationally acclaimed touring troupe A Firm of Poets. Geneviève is currently developing her first one-woman show, A Place in the Shade.

The Dance of a Thousand Losers by Geneviève L. Walsh
The Dance of a Thousand Losers
adult poetry
ISBN 978-0-9955012-2-5 | 100pp | 2017
rrp £8.00 | ebook £5.99 

Flapjack Press
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Geneviève L. Walsh's debut solo collection covers her first five years of performing her punk-song-length poetry about love, hatred, aggressive platitudes, sexual politics, alienation and inebriation.

Includes a Foreword by Henry Normal.

"A collection full of passion and subversion ... keen and urgent with an untamed beauty - like a puma caught under a streetlight. She chooses her language and targets with precision and infuses humour and fight in every verse." - Henry Normal, poet

"Rejecting the beige and embracing the dark, this collection is a lyrical and defiant hymn to vodka nights and concrete days. Shot through with nostalgia and the fear of losing fellow dancers to normality." - Kate Fox, Stand-up Poet

"A unique and passionately inclusive voice guides us with incredible skill and dexterity through everything that unites us: love, loss, and drunk conversations. This book is a brutally affectionate hug and a call to arms for all the losers, freaks, and feral lost souls of the world." - Steve Nash, Saboteur Awards Performer of the Year

"Sharp, dark, insightful, inciteful, Geneviève switches it up; lyrically rich imagery / word lust / street voice. From the Femme Banal to the Double Windsor noose, for hardcore losers everywhere. Buy it and "make yourself fucking lovely"." - Louise Fazackerley, Performance Poet

"A stunning collection from a unique voice. Poetic without ever being pretentious. Dive in and embrace your inner weirdo." - Kieren King, Cantankerous Word Git

"Her poems are like Geneviève herself... strong yet sensitive, clever yet accessible, dark yet resplendent with colour. A collection penned with acute observation and affection. A poetic celebration of 'otherness'." - Joy France, Afflecks Creative in Residence

Laura Taylor reviews The Dance of a Thousand Losers at Write Out Loud.

Geneviève performing 'From the Ashes of a Poet' at Queenie's, Huddersfield.

Au Naturel
from The Dance of a Thousand Losers © Geneviève L. Walsh, 2017

So lovely to see you again.
I love what you've done with the place.
I especially love how every trace
of Teenage You's been sandblasted
and replaced with

There's no room for melancholia in this colour scheme, it's
'Au Nat-ur-ahhl'.

It's Femme Banal,
it's the sunshine after The Little Death.
It's the weight, it's the heft, it's the rosy cheek,
it's the meek inheriting sweet fuck-all
and the bold getting richer as we speak.

But 'ey, you've gotta laugh. Gotta end each sentiment
with a winky face
and an exclamation mark.

So the glasses clink
and the wine gets sipped
and the rosy-lipped masses laugh at our quips. Oh yeah,
the compliments come in droves,
and with all my heart I silently scream,
'Yeah, this is all very nice,
but why are we wearing clothes,
and why aren't we drinking Jägermeister in the dark?'

This façade is really wearing thin and I'm sick to death
of the definitions her and him. Why have we not
transformed, combined,
got out of our collective minds?
I'm sick of this normality lark. So,
in lieu of a bunch of flowers or a sonnet,
answer these two questions:
      why are we wearing clothes
      and why aren't we drinking Jägermeister in the dark?

Cover photo by Kathy Walsh.

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