Dave Viney grew up in Stretford, Manchester, and started writing poetry and short stories at the age of 14 (largely in secret - due to a shortage of poets in the area and an excess of people who liked to punch poets in the face). Co-host of Bang Said the Gun: Manchester and a regular guest at poetry nights across the UK, he has written and performed for BBC Manchester Radio and, as part of Working Verse Collective, written and performed two sell out shows at the Lowry Theatre in Salford. In 2013, Dave was the Poet Laureate of Kendal Calling Festival and the following year debuted his one man spoken word show, Shapes, at the Edinburgh Fringe.

A Poet Called Dave
A Poet Called Dave
adult poetry & play
ISBN 978-0-9576639-8-5 | 132pp | 2015
rrp £10.00 | ebook £5.99

Flapjack Press
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In his first solo collection, a poet called Dave gives his unique insight into a background that rarely pushes poets to the foreground. Exploring the legend of angry dads, the fragility of 'lad's lads' and the condition that threatened his future as a performer, these are poems that turn life on its head to see what falls out of its pockets.

A funny, unflinching and heartfelt journey from the streets of Stretford to a stage near you, this is what happens when two very different worlds collide.

Bonus features: Play - 'Rusholme Roulette'; Song - 'Hard (Time)'.

Includes a Foreword by Jackie Hagan.

"Poignancy without pretension, scalpel sharp insight. Dave Viney's observations on class and culture are deft, powerful and most importantly bull's-eye accurate." - Byron Vincent, poet & playwright

"Dave Viney is an extremely talented poet, both on stage and the page, and (almost as important) he's a top bloke." - Marvin Cheeseman, poet

"Dave Viney is one of the authentic voices of Manchester, a man who can be funny, sincere and compassionate in one fell swoop." - Jo Bell, UK Canal Laureate

"At first I thought he was going to try and steal my handbag, but instead he stole our hearts! And my handbag." - Thick Richard, professional gobshite

Dave Viney's 'My Dad's Bigger Than Your Dad', directed by Jo Lane.

Dad's Justice
from A Poet Called Dave © Dave Viney, 2015

Summer, school holidays
and a look that we knew only too well –
behind dad’s eyes
Wanted posters were going up:


To hear mum tell it,
our house was the last bastion of home security:
fences too rickety to climb,
weeds fashioned into trip wires
and a cat with anger management issues
on 24 hour purrtrol.
She never mentions the attention seeking
Pick me! padlock on the shed.
Then there was the window sticker –
pure sticky-back lies
for the thickest of thieves:
Yeah, OK mum – if you say so.
Tell it to our telly,
‘cause the space where the video used to be
ain’t listenin’!

Dad could maintain evil eye contact
all the way through the winding down of a car window –
a skill that we were completely in awe of.
Could tame name-makers,
steel toe-capped ball breakers –
lads that sweated warm beer,
fags and fighting.
Chests deflated, shoulders sagged,
cheek in check.

But it stayed Bike Thieves 1 Vigilante Dads 0
and we adapted to pedestrian adventures,
but dad never got his justice.

In June the following year,
the pageant came to Stretford:

kids with candyfloss,
kids with balloons,
kids with BIKES.

Every cyclist a suspect.

Every bike a lookalike.

Cover design by the author & Brink.

Working Verse Collective: The Prequel to theSequel
The Prequel to the Sequel
[Working Verse Collective]
adult poetry & show script
ISBN 978-0-9570141-5-2 | 112pp | 2012
rrp £7.50 | ebook £4.99

Flapjack Press
Central Books

Working Verse Collective are three lads on a mission and their mission statement is this: Eloquence is fine. But "eloquence is irrelevant when nobody in the room knows what you meant..."
Join Dave Viney, Kieren King and Benny-jo Zahl as they expertly weave humour, insight and the unexpected throughout their quest to discover if they have "The Right Stuff" - and what that actually is and if they want it anyway.
It may well be one small step for man, but it's One Giant Leap for Ladkind.

Includes the script for 'Amateur Thematics', their debut poetry theatre show.

With a Foreword by Dominic Berry. 


"They're honest and mischievous, insightful and daft, accessible and poetic and well worth seeing." - Jackie Hagan, poet & comedian

"Unique and refreshing." - Joy France, Write Out Loud

"The boys have given Manchester's poetry scene a much needed shot in the arm." - Gerry Potter, poet & playwright

"Working Verse are three men who love football, music, pubs, clubs and poems... To read this book is to take a trip through the lives of lads who are not your typical poetic voices." - Dominic Berry, poet & director

Cover photo by Darren Reynolds, design & illustrations by Brink.

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