Laura Taylor has challenged arbitrary forms of authority all her life and understands fully the potency of kindness in a world intent on creating division. Obsessed with words and language since her early childhood, she believes in the power of poetry as a means by which silent voices speak and hidden ears listen, and that books really can be your best friends.

Fault Lines by Laura Taylor
Fault Lines
adult poetry
ISBN 978-1-9996707-0-2 | 66pp | 2018
rrp £8.00 | ebook £5.99

Flapjack Press
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"One of the country's finest poets, both on the page and on the stage. A spirit at once empathetic and revolutionary. Real words for heartbreaking times, a call to action!" - Attila the Stockbroker, poet & musician

"A poetic battle cry. I'd like my teenage daughter to read these poems because, as women, we shouldn't have to wait for middle age to claim the right to be ourselves." - Alice Nutter, ex-Chumbawamba, screenwriter & playwright

"Defiant, furious, vulnerable, bloody-minded and wonderfully joyous, this volume of poems encourages us all to hang on in there. Fill your heart. Read this book." - Steve Pottinger, poet & performer

"This is poetry that does not just describe our world: it challenges you to change it. And it does so with such class." - Janine Booth, writer, poet, activist & Marxist motormouth

"Laura has perhaps the key quality to be a true poet: she has something to say. This book is of and for the times we are living through and, as such, ought to be on school curricula." - Julian Jordon, Director, Write Out Loud

"I give six stars out of five to Laura Taylor's fantastic new collection. It's even better than her last, which is saying something. Her poems for her father, battling illness, rallying and then suddenly dying, are simultaneously inspiring and heartbreaking. The title poem, about a call centre worker's lot, will make you pause and think next time you are about to angrily or sarcastically dismiss the next one who intrudes into your day. Her poems for her boots and her breasts, the former danced into disintegration, the latter squashed by investigation, are moving and hilarious. 'Not Exactly Miss Jean Brodie' and 'Burn and Rave' are roars of mid-life defiance. But the absolute clincher is 'Revelations', which takes its form from Blake's 'Jerusalem' and its content from the angry, proud and politically divided working-class North West, where some blame the real enemy and some whom they're told to. A real poem for our times and the fact that it had to be written makes me seethe with anger. Buy this book. Please." - Attila the Stockbroker, review in Morning Star

Includes a Foreword by Professor Mike Thomas, Vice-Chancellor, University of Central Lancashire.

Stuart Buck reviews Fault Lines at Write Out Loud.

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Kaleidoscope by Laura Taylor
adult poetry
ISBN 978-0-9932370-5-8 | 74pp | 2016
rrp £8.00 | ebook £5.99

Central Books

With eloquent conviction, Kaleidoscope champions equality and challenges authority, exposing the hypocrisy, iniquity and 'politricks' of the powers that be.
A fiery and astute collection, crafted with passion, tenderness and humour, from one of the UK's most incisive performers.

Includes a Foreword by Attila the Stockbroker. 

"Riveting, inspiring, dead hard and incredibly soft at the same time. This is one of the best books of poetry I have ever read." - Attila the Stockbroker

"Kaleidoscope is a wake-up call to the self and the nation, and the reader is left feeling energised and more alive than before." - Cathy Thomas-Bryant, poet & co-editor of Best of Manchester Poets

"In a politically supine era, Laura unflinchingly shows us how to stand up and be counted." - Julian Jordon, Director, Write Out Loud

"If there is strength in unity, then art saves lives. Bang a drum, pluck a string, sing a song, have a dance, write a verse, paint a picture and enjoy. And when you find something that stokes your soul and makes you smile - keep doing it." - Laura Taylor

Dave Morgan reviews Kaleidoscope at Write Out Loud.

Julian Jordon reviews Laura's launch event at Write Out Loud.

Interview with Laura at Write Out Loud.

Laura performing 'Dear Margaret' at No Borders refugee benefit gig in Widnes, 2015. With thanks to Ged Jaras.

Write for Revolution
from Kaleidoscope © Laura Taylor, 2016

We danced alone on wooden floors,
volunteers making noise.
In later days, I heard that you had
swallowed lumps for breakfast.

I sat in darkness, closing throat,
felt my own lumps swimming up.
Listening and wondering
of spun-out olive branches.

I went away and thought about
all the sorrow, all the fear,
all the tears we'd shed so far
and wondered, could I help?

Could I stand up to make a change?
To help one person in the world
feel less alone, less apathy?
Could I?

I tried.
I wrote.
I told about

little girls
and lying,
austerity and anger,
violence, injustice,
politricks, hypocrisy,
poverty and luxury,
redundancy and double dips.
Endless fights
for equal rights.

And now there's more of us.
Northern girls with tales to tell.
We reap and sow the seeds of change
and write our lives for you.

We write
for revolution.

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