Originally from the Garden of England that is Kent, performance poet and actor Rod Tame now lives in the urban jungle that is Manchester. He has hosted and performed regularly at the rich variety of poetry nights in the area, with the occasional foray into alien lands, including at the historic Stonewall Inn during New York Pride.

Strange World Odd Person by Rod Tame
Strange World Odd Person
adult poetry / LGBTQ+
ISBN 978-0-9570141-9-0 | 72pp | 2013
rrp £7.50 | ebook £4.99

Flapjack Press
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Transported from the Garden of England to the gay clubs of Manchester's Canal Street, Rod Tame soon finds himself exploring the confounding values of British society. But when encountering murderous denizens of Middle England, fallen saints in Spanish bars, event horizons and perilous next-gen cyborgs, will the nurturing wisdom of Doctor Who, Star Trek and The Avengers (or even Most Haunted) prove enough to win the day?

Inlcudes a Foreword by Regie Cabico.

"A voyage of self-discovery, all the way from outer to inner space, punchy, poignant and engaging by turns.'' - Rosie Garland, poet, novelist & March Violet

"A tour de force of a poet blending romance, sci-fi and tabloid pop culture with generous alliterations, a rhythmic swing and surprising splashes of witticisms. This collection confirms an eloquence on the page, complimenting his elegant stage presence in pubs, coffee houses and theaters on both side of the Atlantic." - Regie Cabico, New York's Nuyorican Poet Cafe Grand Slam Champion

"Playfully energetic with a good dollop of the profound." - Gerry Potter, poet, playwright & director

Strange World Odd Person by Rod Tame

Cover art by the author, illustrations by Brink.

Don't Shut That Door! I'm Gay!
from Strange World Odd Person © Rod Tame, 2013

Only been out three weeks
and keen to suck on that validating teat
of Canal Street.

But, here am I,
stood on that gaudy thoroughfare,
having a right 'mare
getting into a club.

A bitchy creature,
resembling eighties pop star Sinitta,
all day-glo and big hair,
tells me that I'm too much of a macho man
to go in there.

"Yes, I have been here before.
Yes, it was on a Saturday night.
Yes, I do know it's gay.
So am I!
Bloody let me in!"

OK, so I only mince lightly when riled
and a skinny vest on this chest would revile
even the most desperate,
but I'm hardly a card-carrying lad:
a football-playing chav
or a rugger-playing have-it-all
from a public school.

On the scale of camp,
somewhere in the middle
is a confusing place to be.
The closet door may open more than a jar,
but you don't register a blip on anyone's gaydar.

Rod performing 'Don't Shut That Door, I'm Gay!' at Evidently, Salford.

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