Henry Normal is a writer, poet, TV and film producer, founder of the Manchester Poetry Festival (now the Manchester Literature Festival) and co-founder of the Nottingham Poetry Festival. In June 2017 he was honoured with a special BAFTA for services to television.
Henry co-wrote and script edited the multi-award winning Mrs Merton Show and the spin-off series Mrs Merton and Malcolm. He also co-created and co-wrote the first series of The Royle Family. With Steve Coogan, he co-wrote the BAFTA-winning Paul and Pauline Calf Video Diaries, Coogan's Run, Tony Ferrino, Doctor Terrible, all of Steve's live tours, and the film The Parole Officer. Setting up Baby Cow Productions Ltd in 1999, Henry Executive Produced all, and script edited many, of the shows of its seventeen and a half year output during his tenure as MD. Highlights of the Baby Cow output during this time include Oscar-nominated Philomena, I Believe in Miracles, Gavin and Stacey, Moone Boy, The Mighty Boosh, Marion and Geoff, Red Dwarf, Uncle, Nighty Night, Hunderby, Camping and Alan Partridge. Since retiring in April 2016, Henry has written and performed three BBC Radio 4 shows, A Normal Family, A Normal Life and A Normal Love, combining comedy, poetry and stories about bringing up his autistic son.
Born in St Annes, Nottingham, Henry now lives in Brighton with his wife the screenwriter Angela Pell and their son Johnny. He was recently given a Honorary Doctorate of letters by Nottingham Trent University and has had a beer named after him in his home city.

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Travelling Second Class Through Hope by Henry NormalRaining Upwards by Henry Normal
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Art By Johnny
Art By Johnny
a collection of work from Johnny Carroll-Pell

Edited by Henry Normal
ISBN 978-0-9955012-9-4 | 2018
rrp £12.00

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Johnny Carroll-Pell is a young artist from Brighton who is diagnosed as severely autistic.
Though he finds verbal communication challenging, Johnny finds expression through painting.

To coincide with the first major exhibition of his paintings, at the Phoenix Art Gallery in Brighton, this book contains 100 pictures celebrating his art. The title replicates his popular Facebook page Art By Johnny and several further exhibitions planned around the country.

The paintings and photos here are selected by his parents, Henry Normal and Angela Pell, who have written a book about bringing Johnny up called A Normal Family. Johnny is also the subject of several BBC Radio 4 shows, a couple of poetry books written by his dad, and the inspiration for the film Snow Cake, written by his mum.

"Many artists would envy the spontaneity and freedom of expression that Johnny shows as he paints - and the joyous and arresting results speak for themselves. Years ago we used to say that people with autism showed no emotion and had no imagination: looking at these beautiful paintings makes me ashamed that we could ever have been so blind." - Jane Asher - President, National Autistic Society

"Some people paint sunsets or animals, some people paint faces, some people paint ideas. Johnny paints, over and over again, that feeling you get when you finally jump off the diving board and whoosh towards the water, when a brilliant idea breaks into your head, when you say "yes ok let's do this" and you jump on a toboggan with your kid. I'm not sure there's a word for that feeling, but thanks to Johnny I now know what it looks like." - Frank Cottrell Boyce

"Johnny is a true artist: prolific, instinctive and with a profound and purposeful sense of space, shape and colour. His joyous work is intense and warm, describing his world and those in it with a love and simplicity that is both moving and truthful." - Jessica Hynes

Raining Upwards by Henry
Raining Upwards
adult poetry
ISBN 978-0-9955012-7-0 | 112pp | 2017
rrp £8.99 | ebook £5.99 


Raining Upwards is Henry's first all new poetry collection in over twenty years and his second with Flapjack Press.

These poems explore relationships with science, nature, humanity, and other vital matters we are usually too busy to think about.

Includes a Foreword by Tim Firth.

Read a review of Raining Upwards and an interview with Henry, both at Write Out Loud.

Cover art by Johnny Carroll-Pell.

Travelling Second Class Through
             Hope by Henry Normal
Travelling Second Class Through Hope
adult poetry
ISBN 978-0-9955012-6-3 | 90pp | 2017
rrp £8.99 | ebook £5.99 


Travelling Second Class Through Hope contains seventy poems personally selected by the author from his early works.

Includes a Foreword by Lemn Sissay MBE.

Guardian Review 13 May 2017: The Saturday Poem

"Dovetails bittersweet poetry with a sublimely observant wit" - The Guardian

"The Alan Bennett of Poetry" - The Scotsman

"The nerd triumphant" - Manchester Evening News

"A gentle giant of stand-up poetry" - List

"In amongst his work lie some of the most tender, compassionate and moving pieces I have read from a modern poet" - Artful Reporter

"The enfant terrible of alternative poetry" - Leeds Other Paper

"Witty and uncannily accurate with his observations" - The Stage

"Distinctly funny" - Time Out

Cover photo courtesy of the author, design by Brink.

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