Working Verse Collective are poets Kieren King, Dave Viney and Benny-jo Zahl, hosts of Bang Said the Gun: Manchester. The Prequel to the Sequel includes 'Amateur Thematics', their acclaimed poetry theatre piece which premiered at The Lowry theatre in 2012. Their follow-up, 'Writer's Retweet', debuted at the same venue in 2013.
Kieren is the host of Evidently, Manchester's acclaimed spoken word night.

Working Verse Collective: The Prequel to theSequel
The Prequel to the Sequel
[Working Verse Collective]
adult poetry & show script
ISBN 978-0-9570141-5-2 | 112pp | 2012
rrp £7.50 | ebook £4.99

Flapjack Press
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Working Verse Collective are three lads on a mission and their mission statement is this: Eloquence is fine. But "eloquence is irrelevant when nobody in the room knows what you meant..."
Join Dave, Kieren and Benny-jo as they expertly weave humour, insight and the unexpected throughout their quest to discover if they have "The Right Stuff" - and what that actually is and if they want it anyway.
It may well be one small step for man, but it's One Giant Leap for Ladkind.

Includes a Foreword by Dominic Berry. 


"They're honest and mischievous, insightful and daft, accessible and poetic and well worth seeing." - Jackie Hagan, poet & comedian

"Unique and refreshing." - Joy France, Write Out Loud

"The boys have given Manchester's poetry scene a much needed shot in the arm." - Gerry Potter, poet & playwright

"Working Verse are three men who love football, music, pubs, clubs and poems... To read this book is to take a trip through the lives of lads who are not your typical poetic voices." - Dominic Berry, poet & director

Whatever Happened To The Heroes?
from The Prequel To The Sequel © Kieren King, 2012

In '77 The Stranglers asked "Whatever happened to the heroes?"
At the same time Robert De Niro was asking "You talkin' to me?"
Then punk kicked off and its attitude reflected
The disaffected
The rejected
The disrespected
Who wanted the freedom to choose
To do what they wanna do
When they wanna do it
And when that freedom of choice found its voice
You couldn't ignore it
But then rebellion became a target market
Fast forward to today - Whatever happened to the heroes?
Johnny Rotten seems to have forgotten
He was once the clown prince of punk
And since he's sunk
In my estimation straight to the gutter
Nowt better to do than advertising butter
Nevermind the Bollocks - Whatever happened to the heroes?
Joe Strummer's dead
Tony Wilson' dead
Joey Ramone's dead
Kurt Vonnegut's dead - so it goes
There's no more heroes
A punk in attitude only standing lonely
Leonard Cohen's still going
But who'll replace him that won't sink but swim?
For me the outlook's looking grim
Now I've got my own mind
I don't need anyone to follow
And I'd like a John Lydon
But I'm just stuck with Bono

Kieren performing 'Whatever Happened to the Heroes?' at Manchester Book Market organised by Literature Northwest.

Cover photo by Darren Reynolds, design & illustrations by Brink.

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