Jackie Hagan was raised on broken biscuits in a little town that's now studied on the GCSE syllabus as a 'failed social experiment'. She spent half of her childhood in fancy dress at a Scouse dance school and the other half engaging merrily with her eight imaginary friends. She studied philosophy at university which sent her mad.
Jackie performs poetry and comedy and doesn't quite fit into either category. She writes plays, makes 'things' and runs workshops, and for the past twelve years has run Seymour Poets, a creativity project for isolated adults based at blueSCI Arts and Wellbeing centre in Manchester.
She likes the broken, the forthright and the jumble-souled.

Some People Have Too Many Legs by Jackie Hagan
Some People Have Too Many Legs
[Revised edition]
adult poetry & show script / LGBT+
ISBN 978-0-9932370-1-0 | 58pp | 2015
rrp £7.99 NOW £5.99 | ebook £5.99


WINNER Best Spoken Word Show, Saboteur Awards 2015
WINNER Creative Future Literary Award 2015

In April 2013 Jackie Hagan was commissioned to write a solo show. The following month she was unexpectedly admitted to hospital with a very painful foot. Four months later she left hospital with one less leg and loads more maturity.
Along the way she also fell in love, found her Dad and made friends with an old woman who looked like a threadbare tennis ball (with eyes).
This book is the script of the show, a poetic comedy with daftness and depth.

"A unique and utterly compelling performer. With wit and charm, she manages to make us laugh in the face of adversity." - Matt Fenton, Artistic Director, Contact Theatre

"Jackie Hagan boldly goes where no one even knows it's possible to go. Then gets the bus back home eating chips on the top deck."- Jo Warburton, poet

"Heartfelt, hilarious and slightly eccentric." - The Skinny

"If Jackie is available to run a workshop for you, book her - she's brilliant, creative, inclusive, inspiring, compassionate and inventive. In twenty years I can't say I've known anyone run better workshops." - Pete Kalu, Artistic Director, Commonword

"A powerful story told with wit... without a trace of self-pity." - Manchester Theatre Awards

"Poetic, playful [and] psychologically astute." - Sabotage Reviews

Cover photo by Johnathan Clover, illustrations by Brink.

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Jackie Hagan photo by Lee Baxter

Jackie on Channel 4.

Jackie Hagan - Some People Have Too Many Legs from ContactMCR on Vimeo.

The Wisdom of the Jumble Sale by Jackie Hagan
The Wisdom of the Jumble Sale
adult poetry / LGBT+
ISBN 978-0-9555092-4-7 | 80pp | 2009
rrp £6.50 | sorry, paperback out of stock | ebook £4.99


Pull aside a jam-stained coat or a frilly nightgown in the dark and dazzling jumble and enter a secret, magical world of drunken carebears and narky buses; a world where wisdom is biro'd on the back of everyone's hand, where clowns eat spam, sugar and lard butties, and where if you stand outside Netto for long enough a rocketship will come and fly you away.
Come in and meet Cat Diazepam, Bobby Bookshop, Veronica Pop, Mr Pinstripe and their friends and find out who brought Bambi's mum back to life, in Jackie's incredible collection of contemporary adult folklore.

Jackie Hagan, author of The Wisdom of the Jumble Sale

"Amazing. A force for poetry." - Jo Bell, Director National Poetry Day

"Vivid and insightful." - City Life

"Language that leaps with bold panache, sparking sensuous worlds into being." - Lucy Lepchani, poet

The Wisdom of the Jumble Sale by Jackie Hagan

Cover & illustrations by Brink.

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